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Date 1870
Subject May Day -- 1870-1900
Description "First May Day 1870 near present Woodlands School (Asylum grounds): near Albert Crescent". See also information on #160/2, a better copy of this print from Van. City Archives. See also "Mainland Guardian" May 7, 1870. "By 1870 New Westminster needed something to lift her spirits. The gorld rushes had run their course, the capital had been moved to Victoria, the Royal Engineers had ended their stay and the city was in a general slump. At this time J.T. Scott initiated an age old spring festival; dedicated to the reawakening of the land. Helen McColl as Queen, signalled the rebirth of a new New Westminster. An annual event, the May Day celebrations in New Westminster are the oldest consecutive festival of this type in the Commonwealth."
Source New Westminster Museum
Accession Number: 160
Author: JO
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