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Date 1911
Subject Streets -- Columbia Street -- 1899 To Date
Description "Columbia Street, New Westminster, looking west from 4th Street, when paved and improved, A.D. 1911" - this caption is in the original photo album. The building at the right is the Guichon Block. Down bleow on Front Street is Lytton Square and the City Market, and the Brackman - Ker Wharf (which is just visible with a sign on the roof). Man leaning on lamp post at right is Pat Lowery. The streetcar is carrying an ad which reads, "Soccer Rovers v Hibs. Monday Oct. 30th Queen's Park Kick Off 2 P.M." This photo is from an album titled "Views Showing Hassam Pavement as Laid by the Hassam Paving Co. of B.C. Ltd."
Source Edward Greame
Accession Number: 2397
Author: AH
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