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Date 1993
Subject Stores and Store Buildings -- Woodward Place
Description One of a series of photographs depicting the area of 6th Street and 6th Avenue "then" and "now". Photographers family ran the C.P. Bussey "The Corner Store", built in 1923. An addition of two stores made this store part of a block in the early 1930's. It was eventually sold to Woodward's which opened on March 4, 1954. In 1992, Woodward's was rebuilt and became part of a larger complex called Woodward Place. After the bankruptcy of Woodward's the mall changed its name. In August 1993 the mall was rechristened Royal City Centre. Occupying the site before Woodward's was built was C.P. Bussey's "The Corner Store" at 602 - 6th Street. The store was built in 1923 and expanded as part of a block in the early 30's. Later it was sold to Woodward's. There was also a house on the Woodward's site at 605 - 6th Avenue. This house was demolished to make way for Woodward's. Irene (Bussey) Bailey won 1st prize in a heritage photo contest conducted by the City of New Westminster in February 1993 as part of Heritage Week.
Photographer Irene (Bussey) Bailey
Source Irene (Bussey) Bailey
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Author: AH
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