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Date c. 1865
Subject Views From The Fraser
Description "A very young New Westminster. The downtown area is beginning to grow and land clearing has made it possible for private residences to move up the hill. The 2-gabled building on the left is the Royal Columbian Hospital (4th Street and Agnes Street) which served the community from this location until 1889 when it was moved to its present location in Sapperton. The church in the centre is St. Andrews Presbyterian and is still standing today (Blackwood Street and Carnarvon Street). The large house on the hill left of centre is the residence of Capt. William Irving - today the city's Historic Centre (302 Royal Avenue). First Columbian hospital at hill at left. Irving House top centre. Centre - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, opened Dec. 20th 1863. In foreground centre - Telegraph Hotel. In 1906 the Telegraph Hotel (owned by John Powers) was torn down on its Front St. location. In the same year Powers built the Premier Hotel on the same site but further up the lot so that the Premier Hotel faced Columbia St. For further information on the Premier Hotel see Photograph #1270 "Streets - Front Street" (see also prints #278,178, which appear to have been taken at the same time as this as part of a panorama in 3 sections.
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