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Date 1937
Subject Bridges -- Pattullo Bridge -- Completed
Description William M. Mott, owner of Mott Electric Co. posing with cable on the deck of the Pattullo Bridge prior to its opening date of Nov. 15, 1937. His company installed the lighting using a revolutionary type of sodium lighting that claimed to illuminate up to 4x the road area with the same electricity consumption of old style lights of equal candle power. The new lights produced illumination by glowing gas in the glass bulbs instead of the old type of glowing filament. These bulbs were called sodium luminaires and on the newly built Pattullo Bridge there were 62 standards bearing these bulbs. Mott Electric had to install all the necessary conduits and connections for the system as well as the substation. More than 35,000 feet of lead cable and 20,000 feet of conduit pipe were used. Mott Electric was located at 414 Columbia St., in the Westminster Trust Building. See p. 16 of "The British Columbian Souvenir Edition" supplement to the daily "British Columbian" Nov. 16, 1937. *Dan Mott, is the grandson of William Mott, who in addition to running Mott Electric, served as Mayor of New Westminster from 1943 to 1948.
Photographer Stride Studios
Source Dan Mott
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