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Date c. 1887
Subject May Day -- 1870-1900
Description The May Queen and her court. Girl at top left is Adelaide Ewen born in 1877. She was the daughter of Alexander and Mary Rogers Ewen. Isabel Macmillan Latta, the donor of the photo, was the daughter of Isabella Ewen whose sister is in this photo. Alex and Mary Ewen had three daughters: Adelaide, Isabella and Alexandria. According to the donor of the photo, Ewen's old cannery was at the site of the C.P.R. Station at Columbia Street. As the city expanded there were objections to the smell of the salmon cannery. Ewen moved his operations to Lion Island. In exchange for building a road to his cannery, he was given substantial land holdings in Queensborough.
Photographer S.J. Thompson, photographer, Columbia Street
Source Isabel Macmillan Latta, donor
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