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Date July 1988
Subject Bridges -- Skytrain -- Construction
Description One of the concrete platforms being put into place on the SkyBridge during its construction. The new bridge under construction. Called the SkyBridge, it was built as a crossing over the Fraser River for the Advanced Light Rapid Transit System (SkyTrain). The SkyBridge linked up the ALRT from New Westminster to Surrey. The SkyBridge was begun October 28, 1987, when the first 100-tonne bridge deck section was lifted to deck level and secured in place. The Surrey half of the bridge was completed first, then the New Westminster half. Monday, March 19, 1990 was the first full day of operation of this transit only bridge. The $28 million structure was built by Kerkhoff Bridge and Industrial Division Ltd., of Chilliwack, and Hyundai Engineering and Construction Division Co. Ltd. of Korea.
Photographer Gordie McDonald
Source Gordie McDonald, donor
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Author: PG
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