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The Armoury
530 Queen's Avenue
This remarkably resilient wooden building is referred to as "The Armouries" by members of the Royal Westminster Regiment. The Armoury proudly served as the headquarters for the Regiment through the first and second World Wars and continues to do so today. In addition, the building houses the Regimental Museum. In 1895 contractor David Bain, using plans drawn up by Dominion Government Engineer F.C. Gamble, began work on this building. The building was completed in 1896 but the finishing touch was the construction of the Gun Room in 1898. The building's Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style is thought to be based on the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition Building of 1876. The founding of the Regiment dates back to 1863. During the Second World War the men of the Westminster Regiment saw more combat than any other Canadian fighting unit. In recognition of outstanding service Queen Elizabeth bestowed the title "Royal" upon the Regiment in 1966.

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