- Braid Skytrain Station
- The British Columbia
- Buchanan Lodge
- Justice Institute of
British Columbia
- Sapperton Skytrain
The British Columbia Penitentiary
65 Richmond St.

The Gaol Block Building also known as the Main Hall of the British Columbia Penitentiary opened in 1878 with little fanfare and just 23 occupants. The Pen operated for an amazing 102 years. After a very colourful history which included riots, hostage-taking and murders this institution was phased out by the Federal Government in favour of smaller federal institutions deemed more modern. Upon its closing in 1980 many people from New Westminster and the surrounding areas took tours of the site. The story of the British Columbia Penitentiary, the first federal penitentiary west of Manitoba, begins with its Sapperton site. Located on the north bank overlooking the Fraser River, it was an ideal spot for the campsite of the Royal Engineers who resided there from 1859 to 1863. Under Colonel Richard Clement Moody, these men laid out New Westminster as the capital of the mainland colony of British Columbia. Today this original 1878 building stands in the housing development of the Pen lands. It houses physiotherapy and medical offices. This building has stood the test of time.

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