Columbia St. / Waterfront

- Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
- First Capitol Place
- Fraser Discovery
- Inn at the Quay

- The Lido
- The Keg
- The Met Hotel
- Westminster Building


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
544 Columbia St.
This bank was first opened for business transactions on September 25, 1911. Work on its construction had commenced the previous November. Toronto architects Darling and Pearson designed this three-storey building. The cost of the building was in the neighbourhood of $50,000. The building has a granite foundation and the brickwork between its stone pillars is of terra cotta. Its classical style includes fluted Doric columns and rich architectural detail. The building is a blend of two styles, the third storey being of the Beaux Arts design. The use of this site for a bank dates back to 1862 with the Bank of B.C. This is one of the rare New Westminster buildings where a strong classical architectural reference is evident. In spite of many renovations to its interior this building has retained its exterior look. Today, the building is occupied by the CIBC.

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