- The Armoury
- Arundel Mansions
- City Hall
- Douglas College
- Emmanuel Pentecostal Church
- Holy Trinity Cathedral
- Irving House
- New Westminster Law Courts
- The Old Court House
- St. Peter's Church

City Hall
511 Royal Avenue
Opened on November 19, 1953, the present day City Hall was designed by the architectural firm of A.C. Smith & Associates. The General Contractor for the building was A.R. Grimwood Ltd. The new building opened in the wake of the pending demolition of the old City Hall that was built in 1901 on Columbia Street. The Federal Government was slated to demolish the old City Hall building to make way for a new Post Office Building. The cost of the new City Hall was $592,200. The brochure for the
opening of this building mentioned that the foyer was two-storeys high and had walls of soft beige Arizona sandstone. It was also noted that the Council Chambers with its walls of matched 14-foot mahogany panels and acoustical plaster ceiling, was built as a "show place for the essentially utility city hall."

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