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St. Peter's Church
398 Royal Ave.
On July 18, 1861 Bishop Modeste Demers blessed two log huts. One hut at 4th and Agnes streets was known as the Indian Church, the latter at Blackwood and Columbia streets was known as the White Church. In those days many people of the first nations spoke only in their native language and the parish priests believed that a separate church was necessary to facilitate the teaching of English as well as religion to the aboriginal population. A second church for non-Indians at Blackwood and Columbia streets was blessed on April 25, 1886. In 1934, a violent storm blew down the steeple of this clapboard church weakening the building's structure. The construction of a new church at 4th Street and Royal Avenue (3rd building) began in 1937 under the supervision of Father William Loftus. Two brothers, George Sterling Twizell and Robert Percival Twizell were the architects of this church. The church was blessed by Archbishop William M. Duke on Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1939. In 1960, architect W.R. Ussner designed some improvements to the Art Deco style church which included modifying the sanctuary, adding a marble alter and installing new stained glass. The main improvement was the complete addition of a brick baptistry based on a nautilus. Construction of the baptistry was done by George Gastaldo.

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