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Links and Local Organizations

BC Index
The British Columbia Index is a tool for locating documents and facts related to the history of Canada's Pacific Province created by Vancouver Public Library staffR.

Heritage Society of British Columbia (Heritage BC)
A good resource for individuals and organizations interested in heritage issues. Includes tips on fundraising, legislation information, policies, case studies, restoring your heritage house, and much more.

Points to the Past
An initiative established between University of Victoria Libraries, University of British Columbia Library, Simon Fraser University Library and Gale, part of Cengage Learning. Provides free perpetual access to nearly 200 million pages of digital historical content to all BC Residents.

Vancouver Public Library Database of Historical Photographs
From the Special Collections Division of the Vancouver Public Library, a large online database of local historical photographs. It currently contains photographs of British Columbia and Vancouver from the Philip Timms and Leonard Frank collections.

West Beyond The West
Digital images, text, audio and video materials about British Columbia history, heritage and culture. Search the collections of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, heritage and community groups, government agencies, and private collections in British Columbia and across Canada…via a single search portal. Search results link you to the digital content on a contributing partner's web site.

BC Archives
Province of BC

BC Heritage Conservation Act
Province of BC, Revised 2014

Heritage Homepage, Province of British Columbia

Heritage Conservation

Local Organizations

There are many groups in New Westminster with an interest in heritage, local history, and genealogy. Listed below are links to their websites.

Community Heritage
New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society
New Westminster Police Service

Irving House Historic
Centre and New

New Westminster Symphony Orchestra

Hyack Festival Association

New Westminster Historical Society 



Samson V

Maritime Museum

Royal Westminster Regiment

Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
Royal Engineers Living History Group 


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